losing my blogging virginity…

 Image…but not my writing virginity let’s get that straight XD Seems like a sort of a given that I should be blogging, anyone who’s close to me would know that I have stacks on stacks of journals/diaries/whatever you wanna call them lying around, so it makes sense that I’ve begun this as my next venture. Hopefully a little more proactive than Facebook, can’t exactly call that a good writing project LOL. Me and writing have had many run ins over the years …

Case in point, Grade 5: The Mr. Mouse stories. So one of my favorite elementary teachers had this great idea to encourage writing as a fun activity. Our class pet was a stuffed mouse, he was legit famous in our school. You took him home for a weekend then wrote about everything you did together, and kids actually went crazy with it, it became contest to see who could have the coolest adventures and get the damn mouse in the shot. It was a way of expressing yourself, sharing your life…kind of the same concept of blogging! Shots of kids up in air balloons holding the thing—I’m not kidding! It was seriously an ingenious idea on my teacher’s part because she made this thing the new fad. I was of course like everyone else, infatuated and obsessed with Mr Mouse, and for me it was more than just an opportunity to show off. Any activity involving writing? My type of shit. My weekend with him finally came and if I can remember correctly I had a hockey game one night, snapped my pic outside the changerooms in my uniform feeling pretty full of myself. Wrote my little journal entry that was sure enough put in the big book of Mr. Mouse’s adventures on Monday morning. But it wasn’t enough for me to have one measly little entry, and the superstar of the school became the target of my next big project. I wrote stories about him and I saving the day in some horribly clichéd retelling of a Harry Potter book. Me and a stuffed mouse slaying a cave monster imagine that…I distributed copies of my homemade, shoddily stapled “books” at school, and if you were nice to me I even autographed them…the teachers thought I was a riot. Then in the summer I took him with me on my family vacation to the east coast (PEI, Nova Scotia, etc) and wrote about that. Now believe it or not that famous stuffed mouse is sitting up in my room at my parent’s house, but that’s another story for another day.

Anyway, what I’m getting to—and you’ll come to learn that I do this alot, intersperse my entries with long and drawn out anecdotes from my life—is that I have always had little writing projects, and this is just one more that will hopefully open up my horizons. I’m only 21 but I’m realizing that life as a young adult is really different from your childhood and teenage years; at the start of my twenties I’m really coming into my own and my life has drastically changed in the past couple years in such an amazing way. So…I want to write about it!

Being in your twenties now, it’s very much make it or break it. It’s harder to land jobs and careers even with extended amounts of education. You have to often go above and beyond hoping that one day it pays off and you’re where you want to be. I know personally that I’m at a point where I’m trying to figure out how to fill my life with meaning, figure out who I really am and what I stand for, and I’m sure a lot of other people my age are in the same boat. You’re always being pushed to some extent to find the ultimate something: what’s your true passion? What’s your ultimate goal? Ultimate career? I say screw the “ultimates”. Life is about being happy in the moment, figuring out what you love and loving what you already have, and somehow navigating your way to your own definition of success. Our generation faces new challenges everyday as far as forging our own paths, so here it is, my blog dedicated to the everyday experience of most twenty something year olds 🙂

The Mouse himself on the family vacation!

About The Girl on Bloor

I'm a busy 20-something about town living in downtown Toronto and creating fun, easy recipes for those on the go!
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