Cursed Apple Products…

I thought the mishap with my ipod a few weeks ago was a hilariously unfortunate, yet one time occurrence. And I have also mistakenly assumed that this incident only affected myself, but the universe works in mysterious ways…

The weekend after my own ipod drama I went up north to visit my boyfriend, new crappy touchscreen ipod in tow. Actually wrote the washing machine massacre on the Greyhound bus to Barrie. Anyway, the night after I write that blog post my boyfriend and I were relaxing, watching Family Guy on his bed. He turns around to get something on his side table and his foot knocks his Mac off the bed, it makes a scary sound and shuts off. He looks at it for a few minutes. “Taylor we’ll figure this out in the morning.” I don’t know how he remained so calm. It’s funny because he’s actually really ingenious and resourceful, manages to figure out a solution to almost any problem so I thought at first that it was no biggie. By noon the next day–even accounting for our sleep in time–he had it all figured out, and he was right, it was just the charger that needed replacing. The bad news is that chargers for Macs are like 80 bucks so it’s still a substantial replacement. After we had made our usual eggs, cheese and sriracha breakfast we were already laughing off the whole thing and he even went so far as to suggest that it was my foot that kicked it off the bed. At first I thought it was hysterical that he was trying to construct this alternate fantasy to rid himself of blame; however, new circumstances have been brought to light and as a result I am starting to believe that I am far more involved in the destruction of Apple products than I ever could have conceived…

Flash forward a few weeks, this past Saturday as a matter of fact. My roommate and I had a wildly fun night out before and after a work shift the next day I was exhausted and done. She, on the other hand, was rushing home to get ready to go out again. I tried slightly to talk her out of it. “You’re gonna be dead, you have to work tomorrow, you’re gonna be so tired…” I just didn’t want to be home alone like a little pussy. “My parents are driving me crazy, I gotta go!” I have a night in watching cheesy hospital shows and eating ice cream by myself before crashing at 12:30.

I wake up in the morning and shit has gone downnnn. “So someone stole my iphone last night.” Oh no. “I don’t get it, I wasn’t even that drunk!!” SMH. We don’t know what happened, there’s no way to rationalize it. All I know is that, within some “Copernican Revolution”, “world revolves around me” type of context–google that ish–I’m the one causing all this craziness! Ever since I put my ipod in with the washing machine it’s affected the people I’m closest to, the Apple products have been going one after another, dropping like flies. My roommate’s story however is another funny one in its own right. She went out with one of our mutual friends and his club promotions crew, went to go home and realized her phone had been stolen. This is the iphone 5, people. So in other words this is a serious situation. She comes outside in tears and our friend, who is a total sweetheart, buys her a rose that somebody was selling (to overly romantic suckers for the most part) outside the venue. She’s smart and has an app on her laptop to track where her phone has gone. As we go to look she’s relating the story of the rose to me and runs to get it. “I didn’t know it was real!!” And all we have is disposable Starbucks cups to put it in…

In the end we’re both sitting on my bed on another Sunday, the end of our adventures for another week, half laughing half crying about our misfortunes, caused mostly by rowdy weekends. She sighs, “I’m never going clubbing again.” This time next week I’m sure I’ll have another, similar type of post about something stupid one or the other of us has done…but something tells me it’s slightly worth it to have good material. Sorry Nat…


About The Girl on Bloor

I'm a busy 20-something about town living in downtown Toronto and creating fun, easy recipes for those on the go!
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