Allow Me to Re-Introduce Myself…

New year, new blog, new theme? I would say it’s more of a coincidence actually if anything…

I really wanted to get back into the blogging but know that there are a few things that need to change and are in need of tweaking, and after procrastinating for long enough it’s time to get back into it, this time hopefully with a bigger purpose. Like many people I’m acquainted with, I have been doing a lot of serious thinking about my future, and I’ve come to the realization that “OnlyTwentySomething” as a movement needs to focus in on the ways in which this generation of young adults are more enabled than ever to be critically reflexive. I feel like there’s constant backlash against Generation X (if that’s even the proper term for my peer group these days…) for things that aren’t even really a result of our doings. Right away I can cite the cell phone example: almost everyone who’s twenty something living in Western society has, at some point, had their eyes glued to their phones to avoid an awkward social situation, been caught up in checking their Facebook updates, or just too busy texting to hear what someone right in front of them has just said. One of my favorite quotes from an older adult criticizing the new generation’s cell phone use–or abuse, if you prefer–has to do with the comparison of old and new technologies. “What would you people do if you were in the middle of a conversation with somebody and you didn’t know the answer to something? It’s called a dictionary, not Google!”  celly

Now as funny as that is and even if part of it is true, I believe that we can use technology for good and to become aware and critical of our society. We may have more temptations and a wider array of ways to culturally consume but it is about acquiring the right kind of knowledge, and ultimately educating oneself, because these days not even post secondary education often suffices for teaching us all there is to be known.

I decided that today was the day, regardless of any other obligations, even with the crazy Toronto cold weather, that I was going to “re-launch” onlytwentysomethingstopfronting. As apart of my new routine for the blog, I have been up early every morning checking out Twitter, sort of using it as a makeshift newspaper. Get up, have my coffee, peruse the linkage. Last night was the 2013 Inauguration for President Obama and one little bit of information that peaked my interest was the Lupe Fiasco “fiasco” (har har har aren’t I funny?) Check the video below to watch him rap bizarrely  to his own song, then lip-sync his own lyrics, and make an ass of himself before being kicked off-stage…

Now I don’t mean to bash Lupe so much, I really don’t mind him. I think he sets out to make a difference in his music and that’s more than what I could say for a lot of other artists out there. And honestly I’m pretty sure I know what he was trying to do with this whole charade…I feel like he was really mocking everybody that he felt was just immediately putting Obama on a pedestal without critically thinking about his presidency and the choices he’s made the past four years. Lupe Fiasco was implicitly poking fun at the whole celebration by deciding to waste everyone’s time with such an unnecessarily long and strange set, almost as if to say “You’ve put up with Obama’s antics this long, now in putting up with mine you can see how ridiculous you all look.”

At least that’s the kind of contradictory bold yet subtle statement I think he was trying to make. You can even tell from the smirk on his face near the end of the video that he’s quite pleased with himself. I feel really strongly about this situation not because Lupe was removed from stage, but because I feel like he totally failed to get his message across, he used entirely the wrong tactic to voice his opinions on the president. When you want to get somebody’s attention, you don’t treat them like they’re too stupid to understand what you’re trying to tell them and then laugh when they don’t get it. Part of being critical of your own society is expressly and explicitly voicing your opinions so that everyone can be apart of the dialogue and for Lupe to behave like this is on the same level of social exclusion.

Whole point of this post? I feel like my passion for writing and interest in the inequities within our society will enable me to help spark discussion and maintain that dialogue that I feel is so necessary for people our age. When things in the world are changing at a lightspeed pace you need to find ways to keep up and I hope that in the end the opinions and critiques I express are relatable and interesting. As twenty-somethings the future is in our hands, and we need to be able to actively be apart of crafting it.


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I'm a busy 20-something about town living in downtown Toronto and creating fun, easy recipes for those on the go!
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