Shaking My Head All Day (#SHAD)

It started off innocently enough as a stupid Twitter hashtag. When I first start some sort of new technology I’m not familiar it’s really frustrating to me because I’m used to excelling at almost everything–besides sports–that I attempt right away. I mean why do you think I’m at U of T? 😛

I’m not trying to make this some sort of crazy cocky post or anything I swear. I guess I’m just finding myself very overwhelmed with facing young adulthood. I’m in my fourth year of university, and although I started fresh out of high school and I’m only a cool 21 it feels like I should be doing alot more for myself, getting involved in alot more places. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I just made a Linked-In account yesterday and am feeling like a verrrrryyyy tiny fish in a BIG ASS sea with very little relevant job experience to what I’m hoping to do with my future job-wise. But then again, like a lot of people my age I know are probably starting to ask: what AM I really going to do job wise?

Such are the dilemmas of people this age. “I could take this course to be able to be eligible for this course here..” or “I could take this shitty temp job with no benefits for a few months until I figure out what it is that will keep my interest for at least the next few years…:” It’s hard. I feel like it’s not even about being smart anymore, it’s about attaining the proper balance between intelligence and hustle so to speak. Do what you love, but keep yourself afloat at the same time. You can do it.

Back to the Twitter thing. I’m still figuring out how to use it and today I was using my little reliable hashtags as usual. I look to see what’s trending in Toronto (#5wordstodescribemylife) and tweet this now kind of infamous blip. “I’m shaking my head all day”. This is a huge inside joke among my friends and I, that I seem to disapprove of a lot of things that occur in my day. We could probably make a meme or an animated GIF (once somebody teaches me how to do it!!!) of me saying “SMH” (shaking my head) or just plain doing it throughout the day. And one of my friends actually retweets me with the acronym SHAD (shaking my head all day). twit

At first I burst out hysterically laughing in my living room as I was sitting trying to write my neverending and tedious sociology paper. However now that I look at it, I think #SHAD as a movement has potential. Look at the blog. “Critical perspective”? Shaking my head at all the events I come across I think kind of applies to maintaining said critical focus.

It’s late and I haven’t managed to finish my sociology paper (even though it’s due tomorrow at 10am) however I have been obsessed with figuring out how to run with my friend’s idea and make SHAD a trademark. But maybe it’s a project worth saving for another day when I’ve mastered Linked-In and Twitter.



About The Girl on Bloor

I'm a busy 20-something about town living in downtown Toronto and creating fun, easy recipes for those on the go!
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