My Favorite Saturday Things

Having trouble coming up with ideas for your Saturday night? It’s easy to hit a lull in your life but even the simplest, cheapest things can put a little spark back into your weekend! When you ensure that you have a busy, fun-filled weekend it enables you to feel refreshed for whatever your work or school week throws at you, so here are a few of my favorite Saturday activities that never get old and allow you something to reflect upon, and look forward to, on that bleak Monday we all dread.

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Fast Food & TV Show Marathons
Not the healthiest idea, but sometimes time to get into sloth mode is necessary…not to mention it’s okay to just take a night off for yourself. Get your favorite greasy food, a fancy dessert and your favorite guilty-pleasure of a TV show and tuck yourself into bed. It’s probably best that you’re alone for this lazy, gluttonous shamefest.

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Cooking with friendsThis is one of my absolute favorites: teaming up with some good friends to make an elaborate meal, and half the fun is usually making it. Look up a crazy recipe that you’ve always wanted to try and take a special trip to get the ingredients, then have a few drinks as you each take on a different task of preparation. One person does the chopping, one person keeps an eye on the stove and so on…it’ll be like your own little restaurant and you will reap the rewards of the whole process once it’s finished!

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Bar-hoppingPick one of your favorite neighborhoods and without committing to one venue in particular, just wing it. Cab it to your destination, and go into the first place that appeals to you and your friends. If it’s dead or the food/drinks just aren’t cutting it, head to the next. Not only is a chance to have a fun adventure (we all get a little too preoccupied with overplanning sometimes…) as well as possibly discover a new favorite hangout!

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In Toronto we have a few pretty amazing skating “venues”, most notably Nathan Philips Square by the Eaton Centre and the Harborfront. Apparently on Saturday nights both places have DJs and bumping music. No skates? They rent them for about $10 a pair, and both locations are very close to subway stations. If you’re looking to do something out of the ordinary this is it.

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Going out for DinnerIf you know where to go, there’s the potential for a cheap night. Have a few drinks before and maybe one or two at the restaurant and split a couple of appetizers among your group. Research a new place you’ve always wanted to try and just draw out your time there as long as possible. Go to a lounge or a place that has live entertainment to mix it up. Most places in the city have hours similar to other kinds of nightlife so if you’re not big on crowds or clubbing this is a good alternative.


ClubbingThis gets a bad rep on many levels. If you don’t know where to go or the process behind reserving a spot for you and your group then it can be an expensive and drama filled night. My advice is to become familiar with the promoters in your area and make yourself a loyal customer. Everytime you go out, get on their guestlist. If you’re trying to be especially frugal look for events where everyone is allowed free entry certain nights and show up early. I personally always get on Spotlight Event’s guestlist (check them out here: because they not only ensure your reduced cover and quick entry but also care about you as their guest. They even have their own photographer who is also more than accommodating. Bottom line is that going out requires a little bit of planning, but with the right promotions crew it’s no hassle.

Everyone gets their downtime in their own way but I have almost always used Saturday night as an excuse to overindulge and reward myself for a week’s worth of hard work…it’s the best motivation to keep on going so spare yourself no expense in giving yourself the best. As twenty-somethings we have to play as hard as we work!

About The Girl on Bloor

I'm a busy 20-something about town living in downtown Toronto and creating fun, easy recipes for those on the go!
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