In Sickness and In Health

I’ve been sick for the past couple of days. Although I believe I am on the mend–the shortest cold/flu I’ve ever had, which has only managed to last a few days–being sick brings me a lot of anxiety, and not for the reason you may think. I remember it was last year at this time that I got a sinus infection after failing to keep up my usual healthy lifestyle for a few months, having fallen off the bandwagon after the holidays. I was really ill for two weeks, and by that I mean that I was almost completely bed ridden and could not smell or taste my food. I think I still had a hacking cough even three weeks after the fact.


Remembering this illness, although not life changing or especially dangerous, still makes me resent the fact that I did not take better care of myself because I feel like I lost part of my life. It’s not just that I want to be able to get up and fulfill my obligations and be productive so much as it’s that I want to continue living life to the fullest, and you really can’t enjoy anything when you’re sick. Even just having a worse-than-normal cough or sore throat is enough to detract from my greater quality of living and that makes me upset.

This is a very personal entry today but I wanted to write about it because I don’t want to fall off the blogging map for one, and I also feel like it’s something alot of people can relate to. I’m so young yet my major life outlook at this point in my life is wanting to do everything I possibly can, while I still can. I don’t especially fear the uncommon freak accidents so much as I do falling unexpectedly and deathly ill and not being able to experience all I want to, and telling everyone I love how much they fill my life with joy. It’s when you’re twenty-something that you (ideally) are in the best shape of your life and have the most capabilities and this is definitely evidenced in the way most of us have to work and play hard.

Ten hour shift at work and you’re dead tired? Have to do it again the next day? Well, you tough it out because everyone else is going out and you shouldn’t have to miss out. As twenty-somethings we are resilient.


And right now I’m not, and that terrifies me. But for the sake of being interesting and having something a little more worthy to say I will share some of what’s been working for me this flu season in aiding for my unusually fast recovery, and mostly because it’s stuff I’ve looked up that I didn’t know before.


Peppermint Tea
This stuff is AMAZING. I knew that it always eased my sore throats but according to many different websites (including Livestrong, which I typically find to be a reliable source: peppermint tea is also beneficial for indigestion, fever relief, and is loaded with antioxidants. It’s one of the best things you can have when you have a cold or flu so next time skip the crazy lemon-and-cayenne-pepper mix for something soothing.

Vitamin C Capsules
I’m not a big fan of orange juice, and I find when you chug it during a cold you just get a bunch of phlegm and a stinging feeling when you have to cough. Vitamin C capsules get the job done quickly and efficiently, and probably allow you to get way more into you than a few glasses of juice.

Human contact is a must when you’re sick! And the oxytocin–aka feel good hormone–that releases when you’re snuggled up with your favorite person actually helps to heal physical wounds, as well as even lower blood pressure and stress levels. Who knew?

These are only a few of my quick fixes for sickness, what are yours?

About The Girl on Bloor

I'm a busy 20-something about town living in downtown Toronto and creating fun, easy recipes for those on the go!
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