Weekly Roundup: Some Saturday Afternoon Reads

I’m having a bit of writer’s block as of late coming off this flu but it hasn’t quite managed to curb my appetite for reading material and attempting to keep up with what’s going on around me in the world. Here’s five links to articles that I’ve checked out this week that perfectly encompass this week’s news and modern day issues, so if you have a some spare time this Saturday afternoon take some time to get caught up on the best in internet linkage!

Surfing the www

How to Boost Your Creativity & Thought Process
Via http://www.sparringmind.com/creative-thinking/

I really really reaaaaally love blog posts that give helpful advice about boosting productivity and creativity. As a 20 something I need to be able to constantly come up with new ways of thinking outside the box and remaining passionate about maintaining a certain level of work ethic. At this phase in my life it’s all about growth, so stuff like this excites me and is apart of my daily reading material. Now I find alot of these advice posts can turn out to be disappointing and misleading especially if I’ve been referred by Twitter (I get drawn in too easily…) but this post was actually really interesting and had some great points that I would have never thought of myself, like separating work from consumption and taking time out to daydream in the middle of a task. Good ideas if you find you’ve been in a rut as of late.

Even Gay-friendly Parents Assume Their Kids are Straight…http://www.salon.com/2013/03/15/even_gay_friendly_parents_still_assume_their_kids_are_straight/#postID=13228981&page=0&comment=4553566

This article really stimulated my academic gender studies interest. I love Salon because they really critically examine alot of the issues surrounding oppression and discrimination in Western culture and what we as a society do to perpetuate the stigma surrounding certain issues. Although some of the writing can come off as a bit too theory-based, I’m a big fan of Mary Beth William’s articles because they are concise and to the point, and enable real critical thinking about problems we face daily. This article in particular focuses on why we automatically associate children with fantasies of heterosexuality, like parents prematurely dreaming about their child’s wedding or prom dates.

U of T Alum Margaret Atwood Fights Fake Grass for Back Campushttp://www.torontostandard.com/article/margaret-atwood-fights-fake-grass-at-u-of-t

Who knew Margaret Atwood was a University of Toronto alum?! Okay I may be a bit late on this… Anyways, an intern at the Toronto Standard that I follow on Twitter posted one of her articles that I occasionally enjoy reading and although it’s very brief, it’s interesting. U of T knows they are dead ass wrong for trying to take away campus green space, especially considering how we probably have the most green space in this particular area of the downtown/midtown core.

Does Stress Hide Deeper Social Issues?http://ideas.time.com/2013/03/13/does-stress-hide-deeper-social-problems/?iid=op-main-lead

This article featured on the TIME website (which, by the way, I can follow via WordPress *happy face*) is written by a professor of social work and speaks directly to my interest in sociological perspectives. This is a true social perspective and quick opinion on why certain groups of people are perhaps more prone to certain types of stress and although it may seem like common sense thinking, it’s something more people need to start realizing.

There you have it, the best of the best from my reading material this week, hope you enjoy them as much as me 🙂

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