My Last Day of Class

Today I’m going to switch it up and do something a bit different: blog (mostly) in pictures! I’ve been falling back on my posting mostly because I’ve been right in the middle of final paper season, and upon freshly printing the last sheet of my last paper and then raising the stapler to the pages, I had a slight epiphany: my days as a student are numbered! And it’s very bittersweet…

It was also my last day of class, and I was actually able to appreciate it since it was such a beautiful walk. I’ve been lucky that no matter where I have lived the past four years, whether on or off campus, I’ve always enjoyed passing by beautiful scenery that I’m sure most other U of T students have taken for granted. I mean anyone who follows me on Instagram knows that my account is just bombarded with images of the architecture I pass by on my way to class. All these images, however, signal the slow transition I am making to complete adulthood, and the scary responsibilities that lie ahead for me next year.

I’m thinking about all of this on my way to my final class of this year. It won’t be my final class ever but considering how next year I plan to only take one credit to finish out my undergrad degree, it’s nervewracking. I’m going to have to pay rent, on top of the living expenses like groceries and transportation that I’m already responsible for. I’m going to have to get some sort of full time job that will pay the bills. This is going to be the thing I’m most unused to I think, since I’m used to my alternating identities as full time student, part time worker, and then holding down 2 jobs in the summer.

Taking my usual route to school made me think of any new routes I will take to work next year, wherever I happen to find it. Maybe I will be able to make some money off free-lance writing, and part of my routine commute will be from my bed to my desk in the morning. Whatever happens, I’m sure everything will be okay. But I sure will miss making more trips to this beautiful campus.

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Where are some of your favorite spots on campus?


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