In This Week’s News…

Let’s just say it’s been a weird week. And I’m back to finally put in my two cents…

For those who know me personally, I survived the summer of hell in Manitoba and learned many life lessons. One of the biggest lessons was learning to temporarily let go of my life online (this and social media) as many places I worked did not have service or wifi. First world problems huh…

I’m looking forward to revamping the blog a bit more in the coming week, and will be focusing my attention more towards social issues within pop culture, the mass media, marketing & advertising, and ultimately the theme of Only20something is going to shift towards matters of social injustice and forms of consumption with, well, 20-somethings. Next week my first “real” post is going to be about precarious labour and working conditions that many students feel forced to put themselves through, and let’s just say that construction will be one of the main forms of labour I’m critical of.

I am also starting another joint project–one I briefly mentioned before my hiatus–with my roommate called The Girls on Bloor, where we slightly imitate aspects of Toronto’s Blog TO with more of a focus on all aspects of food and consumption rather than simply venue reviews. I like to think of it as a critical stance on the public spaces we partake in and the ways in which we reflexively view our own participation in the city.

So, without further adieu I leave you to my list of weekend reads–which I might add are a bit less serious than usual–until I can get the rest of my blog roll started up next week. Be prepared for more regular posting again soon!

Masturbating in Public OK: Swedish Court
On the surface this may seem like a silly article but it really says something about how Sweden is a crazy socialist country that lets its citizens partake in whatever activities they want. As long as it doesn’t harm anybody right…. ?

Sitting in the Fish Bowl
A blog I follow on WordPress attracted my eye right away talking about surveillance and social media, and this post details how the fear of being watched MAY just influence us to begin changing our private behaviors outside of work in order to be compliant, good citizens.

What You’re Not Taught in History Class
The first serious article I’ve written since I’ve come home from working out west, discussing the state of Aboriginal reserves in Western Canada. I talk about the history of abuse in residential schools, as well as briefly address the food experiments performed where many innocent First Nations children were purposefully starved so researchers could see the effects on their bodies.

Man Brewed Beer in his Gut
Back to a perhaps less serious topic. Consuming a different combination of yeasts led to an infection in a 61-year-old man’s stomach in Texas. Funny right? Not if you’re looking to convince people that you are not actually drunk. CBC turns a potentially hilarious dilemma into a lesson about the ways in which health care providers listen to their patients.

7 rip-offs You Need to Know About
One of my favorite websites Salon gives pointers on the dangers of generics and exposes certain kinds of industries as unnecessarily expensive. E.g. why textbooks are so expensive and why publishers can charge whatever they want. Here’s to the online book exchange websites!


About The Girl on Bloor

I'm a busy 20-something about town living in downtown Toronto and creating fun, easy recipes for those on the go!
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