Weekend Reads

Some serious articles, with a little bit of Kanye and Jimmy Kimmel thrown in there (my guilty pop culture pleasure from this week!) Enjoy these weekend reads!

Why I’m Racist and I Think Equality is Stupid

A Facebook friend of mine posted this, and I think it touches briefly on the ways in which our society is structurally set up to benefit white, middle class people and the neighbourhoods in which they are situated. I agree with some of the main points, especially that we don’t talk about racism anymore and get defensive, insisting that we have achieved ultimate equality, but I am taking this article with a grain of salt because there are changes being made to the inequality and marginalization of some poor, inner-city communities (think Regent Park in Toronto).

Regent Park’s Forward-thinking Food Movement

Speaking to the above article, a good example of the community resources coming into play in a neighbourhood that has a high new-immigrant population. A new farmer’s market has cropped up (no pun intended!), aiming to be a marketplace in which local entrepreneurs and backyard garden growers have an affordable selling experience which underpins the larger major markets and is fuelled mainly by Regent Park citizens themselves.

As a Student of David Gilmour’s and a Feminist I say put Away the Rope

Another fellow feminist agrees with me when I say that the Internet is taking things too far. U of T students this past Friday rallied to get Gilmour kicked out of the school, while others crashed comment boards outraged at the fact that he said jokingly in an interview earlier in the week that he did not enjoy teaching women writers. Interesting article from a student in his class, and I can say I definitely agree with her perspective on his right to choose course works based on his opinion and emotion, “two things that can’t be wrong”.

Exxon to Extend Health Care to Married Same Sex Couples

The problem with this is that because of marriage laws in the States most same sex couples are not legally recognized as being married, common-law or otherwise so benefits will obviously be very limited. Not to mention that large companies like Exxon don’t do the right thing because they want to, most of them do it because they are forced by law or social pressure. Good read.

Jimmy Kimmel: I’m Finally in a Rap Feud

And finally, to end off the serious news for this week, here’s a little funny display of narcissism from Kanye West, or what could turn out to be a practical joke cooked up by Jimmy Kimmel. I think the title speaks for itself, click the link to watch the video posted on Gawker.

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