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I’ve had quite the case of writer’s block this week so I’ve shied away from posting purely because I don’t want to put out horrible material. I do, however, have the energy for a weekly round-up type of post since I have been reading like crazy–as per the usual. This week was exciting because my roommate and I FINALLY started our joint blogging project together called “The Girls on Bloor” so I have been able to include a post from her, as well as some other reads on child development, mental health, Miley Cyrus and more. Check out this week

Pedestrian Sundays at Kensington Market

Our first post on our food/review/nightlife blog written by my roommate Nathalie Sehgal: we took pictures of the street festival that is Pedestrian Sunday at Toronto’s Kensington market. Roads were shut down and we had fabulous Mexican food enjoying the very last of patio season last week. Read all about it and see the pictures (and some history of the neighbourhood!) by clicking the link above. Click ittt….

Do Kids Care if Their Robot Friend Gets Stuffed Into a Closet?

I had a very inappropriate laugh attack in class after my psychology professor showed this clip of a robot telling a researcher that his feelings would be hurt by being forced to be shut off and put in a closet after playing a game of eye-spy with groups of children. We were shown the video because it was a humorous way of illustrating how kids develop moral compassion and extend that sympathetic nature early on in life not just to other living beings, but objects that aren’t alive as well.

There are Smarter ways to use Social Media

This 16 year old’s intelligence outruns many other 20-somethings that I see on Facebook posting about all kinds of drama and partying. He tells the Globe and Mail how he interacts with people from all over through social media to talk about causes he cares about, and how social media can be used to develop meaningful conversations as opposed to egocentrically showing off what we’re up to. Maybe I should take a note from this guy…

Sinead O’Connor Furious at Miley Cyrus’ response to her Open Letter

I will be writing a post on this later this week considering how October plays a big part in mental health awareness and let’s just say I am not on Miley Cyrus’s side (big surprise). Sinead O’Connor has accused her of being anti-feminist and unconcerned for the well-being of people with mental health issues and I whole-heartedly agree. To be short, Miley is an embarrassment in more than one way. Anyway, read on about this mess, it intrigues me.

Woman Shot & Killed by Capitol Police After Chaotic Chase from White House

This is another example of the police acting too quickly, especially when government is involved. This woman obviously had a mental health problem and was supposedly suffering from post-partum depression, and everyone’s first concern is: THE WHITE HOUSE?! ZOMG TERRORISM?! *unimpressed face* This definitely brings up concerns over the ethics of whose lives are worth saving. Will be incorporating this into the Miley Cyrus and Sinead post as well.

And that’s it for this week, the most important news that affected me this week. Stick around for a mental health post in the coming days.

About The Girl on Bloor

I'm a busy 20-something about town living in downtown Toronto and creating fun, easy recipes for those on the go!
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