Weekend Linkage

This week’s news was full of Canadian pride for Alice Munro’s Nobel Prize but some less than proud moments  for Canada and the US were also captured and written about: read about how fake reality TV is and how unpaid interns are under-appreciated and unacknowledged as actual workers. I’m also not sick of the whole Sinead and Miley thing so I had to throw in a little article on feminism as well.

On Being a Little Person

One of Miley Cyrus’s back-up dancers at the VMAs is speaking out against the disrespect of “little people” in mainstream media and show business, and how her experience in the background spotlight made her feel belittled–no pun intended (and yes, I can say things like that because I’m kind of a little person myself!)

Inspired Reflection on Second and Third Wave Feminism via Sinead, Amanda and Miley

One of my favourite blogs talks about the differences in generational feminism and why we need to look at Sinead and Miley as separate encounters with the movement. This post talks about Sinead’s comments as being construed as slut-shaming and Miley’s freedom to express herself in whatever way she chooses without necessarily taking a stance on either’s expression of feminism.

The Real World: How Toronto is Cashing in on the Reality TV Boom

Toronto Life talks about the smoke and mirrors involved in reality TV and how many shows are actually produced and shot right here in the city. The article is a longer read focusing on the appeal of fake “reality” and why we tune in every week to some overdramatized and sometimes stereotypical representations of “normal”, everyday people.

McDonald’s Worker Arrested After Telling Company President She Couldn’t Afford Shoes

This really made me mad. A 26 year old woman interrupted a conference with the president of Mcdonald’s to demand higher wages, and was consequently arrested for disturbing the peace. It is absolutely insane to me that you can be arrested plainly for speaking your mind and protesting against an unfair reality. Companies like McDonald’s have more than enough money to be paying their employees DOUBLE what they already make, their CEOS would just have to deal with a couple mill less a year. And what difference does that make when you are already making tens of millions? I think a blog post on this is in order next week.

An Open Letter to George Stroumboulopoulos Regarding Interns

This also riled me up something fierce. I remember this guy when he was still somewhat on the come up on Much Music, I remember being a child watching him on TV. And now–joking or not–he’s dissing interns as useless and replaceable. It’s problem enough that most interns aren’t guaranteed equal treatment in the workplace, but university students are now having to fight to work for free. I’m so enraged that I can’t quite gather my words enough for this injustice, but I think this blog post has managed to sum up, quite wittily, what many interns’ responses would be to this asshole.

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