Weekend Reads

It’s a Sunday evening in October, hopefully most of you are able to curl up somewhere cozy and ring in the appropriately lazy last day of the week. I’ve been crazy busy as of late and decided to take this weekend off to eat and drink well, run some errands, get ready for Halloween, and well…RELAX. I had to get my weekend post in there somewhere however!

How Womanhood is Shaped by Food & Sex

The Toronto Standard’s Tiffy Thompson (one of my favourite contributors) covered an interesting new read slated to drop October 22, a compilation of women and their experiences with food as cultivating their identities as women. I’m always on the lookout for cool new reads and this book looks like it will find residence on my bookshelf at home. It’s a series of true stories/short essays women sent in to two editors looking to informally explore the ways in which women attach themselves to guilty compulsions like sex and food, and I love how this theme comes to dispel the expectations we place on women and the need to exercise self-discipline.

Eight Halloween Costumes for the Discerning Torontonian

And this is the exact reason I love Toronto Life. While being an entertaining article within itself, this post perfectly encapsulates the last year in life as a Toronto citizen: the Ikea Monkey, Drake, Roger’s customer and more all pretty much sum up the city’s culture while shedding new light on the issues we face. Walmart in Kensington and Rob Ford crack-starter edition were probably my favourite costume ideas. Way to get people laughing about this year’s news in the big city.

Cancel Rob Ford’s Radio Show

Counsellor Paul Ainslie has a problem with the mayor having his own radio show, arguing that he uses it to bully other people into believing his own B.S. while breaching broadcasting ethics. I haven’t listened to the Ford radio show but I can tell you it’s problematic when someone who is supposed to be representing a large population of people in a democratic way is out there broadcasting certain messages over public radio. At least try to be covert in keeping your opinions out of your politics. Oh Mr. Ford… SMH

The Abortion That Could Cost a Woman her Kids

Apparently a judge in New York thinks it’s acceptable to hear about a to-be-divorced single mom’s sex/dating life and consequent abortion in court, while her ex-husband’s paying for sex at massage parlours habits don’t seem to matter much. The whole argument surrounding the abortion is that is obviously scarred this mother, and if it didn’t then something is equally disturbing about her lack of morality. I’m very surprised that we are still concerned about “morality” these days because I really don’t think there is such a thing when it comes to sexuality. But then again that’s just me.




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I'm a busy 20-something about town living in downtown Toronto and creating fun, easy recipes for those on the go!
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