Mid-Week News

Going for something a ‘lil different here on Only20something, some MIDWEEK instead of weekend news to keep you updated when it matters. I mean who reads the news on the weekends anyhow?

So early this week Rob Ford said that the 2014 municipal election is going to be a “bloodbath” after news broke that counsellor Karen Stintz is going to be running for mayor. Stintz is also the chair of the TTC which could be interesting…Watch her stint (hee hee) on Undercover Boss Canada here.

Some Gender Studies 101 students have obviously learned NOTHING from university, as this comic strip recounts students’ definitions of lesbian identity. Lord.

Another dumb blonde decided it was a good idea to go out in black face for Halloween over the weekend.

Millennials (aka the “only20something” generation) are more likely to become entrepreneurs due to impossibly competitive job markets and financial/personal freedom. Hmm.

Two Saudi Arabian men made a funny video to support women driving in their country, which has been going viral since women drove in protest on Saturday; one of the best lines of the video makes fun of a cleric who asserted that women will damage their ovaries by driving.

Sears has decided to close its flagship stores in the Eaton Centre and Sherway Gardens, among 3 other locations, leasing them out because they are apparently not attracting enough urban shoppers. The stores will close as of February.

A mom in Port Colborne is protesting her school’s call for Orange and Black day tomorrow by organizing a costume parade for kids in the neighbourhood; this may not be news to you but apparently the Toronto District School Board has banned Halloween costumes for the past couple of years. In their eyes, celebrating Halloween in public schools is exclusive, dangerous, and politically incorrect. Somebody was also so enraged that they made a Youtube video about it:

U of T is harder than Harvard, according to one writer at the Globe & Mail. Differences in lengths of the school year and and claims about country club lifestyles has me questioning where the facts are to back this article up, although it does make interesting points.

I’m sure this isn’t very surprising but Facebook can now supposedly determine whether or not you are in a relationship and with whom according to your frequent interactions.

And that’s it for this week’s news!

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