Mid Week News

This week’s news is rife with questions and justice, so it seems only fitting that we start with politics. The latest in Rob Ford and the Senate to be exact…

Amidst hilariously compromising video footage, admission of drug use, an interview with Rob Ford‘s mother and sister, and a satirical auto-tune remix, city councilors met this morning to request that the mayor take a leave of absence to sort out his all-too-obvious personal issues. It didn’t go over without a fight, of course, and as of mid-afternoon City Hall still doesn’t have a verdict. But the Globe & Mail has amusing footage of Ford threateningly blocking another colleague…

With the crack scandal, a government spending scandal has been temporarily forgotten about as three members of the Senate were suspended without pay or benefits for improperly claiming work expenses. Word on the street is that Harper is feeling the pressure to give Canadians what they want because he supposedly knew of a $90, 000 cheque that was presented to Duffy as a “gift”.

Miley Cyrus (yes, I am skipping right to her) made headlines this weekend after she lit a joint at the European Music Awards. I’m all for freedom of expression and wasn’t too judgmental with her ridiculous outfit choices, but this is just trying to hard to be controversial. SMH.

Lily Allen on the other hand has also implicitly shown that she is not a fan of Miley or any other singer keen on “twerking” to stay relevant, as evidenced in her latest music video “Hard Out Here”. I’ve never been a big Lily Allen fan but think the video contains a good message that needs constant reiteration. Some folks believe it contains racist underpinnings however because nearly all the back up dancers are black and don’t get to voice their opinions on body image and women’s sexuality. I can dig the argument but I think these women were aware that they were satirizing sexuality in pop culture, hence why the booty shaking was so exaggerated.

Somewhat relevant to this, I read an interesting article about the existence of “quarter life crises” that affect 20-somethings trying to carve out their paths in life, whether it be career goals, living arrangements, or whatever other philosophical yearnings us Millenials are seeking.

And I’m ending this mid-week news post with a rather strange report: a woman in Ottawa got her ponytail cut off walking down the street, from her car to the building where she works to be exact. She describes her immediately immense anger with later emphatic concern for the stranger who ran off with her hair, who according to her–and me–must have some serious issues. I will say that she does rock that short hair, although as a fellow long hair chick I doubt that will bring much consolation.

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