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Toxic Masculinity and the Struggles of Generation Y

A new documentary brought by the MissRepresentation movementĀ is aiming to explore “toxic masculinity”, disguising certain soft emotions and as a result internalizing toughness as an inherently male identity. While I think the lady making the films tries a bit too … Continue reading

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Precarious Labour: Traffic Control

Unappealing student work seems a necessary component of higher education for millenials, forcing young adults to move further away from home to seek better opportunities for personal and professional growth. Those who seek seasonal work and do not fall into … Continue reading

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My Last Day of Class

Today I’m going to switch it up and do something a bit different: blog (mostly) in pictures! I’ve been falling back on my posting mostly because I’ve been right in the middle of final paper season, and upon freshly printing … Continue reading

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How I Rediscovered My Love for George Orwell

I was doing the Monday night routine helping tutor my usual group of high school girls when one of them presents her essay assignment about George Orwell’s Animal Farm, wanting to brainstorm some of the key themes with me and … Continue reading

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Got the Monday Blues?

Even though it’s a beautiful sunny day in Toronto (so far) I’m sure most of us are bummed out about the end of the weekend. But the beginning of a new week doesn’t have to mean so fun or relaxation, … Continue reading

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In Sickness and In Health

I’ve been sick for the past couple of days. Although I believe I am on the mend–the shortest cold/flu I’ve ever had, which has only managed to last a few days–being sick brings me a lot of anxiety, and not … Continue reading

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Do as I Say, Not as I Do: French Montana’s Pop That Video

In considering my extended family, and discounting my younger brother, I am technically the baby of my family. My parents were both born quite a few years after their other siblings, both of them the results of unplanned pregnancies (well, … Continue reading

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