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Mid Week News

This week’s news is rife with questions and justice, so it seems only fitting that we start with politics. The latest in Rob Ford and the Senate to be exact… Amidst hilariously compromising video footage, admission of drug use, an … Continue reading

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Weekend Linkage

This week’s news was full of Canadian pride for Alice Munro’s Nobel Prize but some less than proud moments ¬†for Canada and the US were also captured and written about: read about how fake reality TV is and how unpaid … Continue reading

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Why do we Enjoy Mocking Others?

In the aftermath of the whole Miley Cyrus and Sinead O’Connor social media exchange, I was reminded of an embarrassing moment of my own earlier in the week. I’ve been volunteering for school newspapers on campus, but because I am … Continue reading

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This Week on the Internets…

I’ve had quite the case of writer’s block this week so I’ve shied away from posting purely because I don’t want to put out horrible material. I do, however, have the energy for a weekly round-up type of post since … Continue reading

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