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This Week on the Internets…

I’ve had quite the case of writer’s block this week so I’ve shied away from posting purely because I don’t want to put out horrible material. I do, however, have the energy for a weekly round-up type of post since … Continue reading

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Toxic Masculinity and the Struggles of Generation Y

A new documentary brought by the MissRepresentation movementĀ is aiming to explore “toxic masculinity”, disguising certain soft emotions and as a result internalizing toughness as an inherently male identity. While I think the lady making the films tries a bit too … Continue reading

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Monday Motivation: Don’t Overestimate What You Can Get Done Today

Monday motivation, or all over the place? I remember reading an article a little while back discussing what is known as the Planning Fallacy, or in other words mistakenly assuming that you can get way more work done than you … Continue reading

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