Mid Week News

The week of Rob Ford…and a little bit of rape culture. All things controversial anyway.

Although it isn’t the newest of news, last week a controversial contributor Margaret Wente wrote about rape culture in the Globe & Mail, insisting that it’s not unreasonable to ask for girls to cover up and drink less. She stopped just short of blaming girls for sexual attacks, but still attracted plenty of vehement responses, my favourite of which is a comment piece from a U of T student insisting that it is our teachings to young men that has to change. Surprisingly I agree with both sides. We definitely need to get young men to change their views on women and sexual conquest, but I think that Wente brings up a valid point: you don’t wander into a dark alley not expecting to get mugged at some point.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford got on his radio show on Sunday to lament his regrets for getting drunk at public outings such as the Danforth and St Patrick’s Day, while calling for Police Chief Blair to release his crack smoking video so that the public can judge for themselves what he was really smoking.

Yesterday, he finally admitted that he smoked crack in a drunken stupor, after 6 months of denial. Fast forward 34 seconds into the video to see the height of the action.

I watched the live feed of him on CP24 News as he held a hasty press conference where reporters waited about an hour to hear him apologize in multiple different ways, take a little time to feel sorry for himself, and spout vague ideals about democracy after announcing that he STILL won’t resign, and then walked off without taking any questions from the media. Talk about fair politics.

Twitter was also a-blaze with some hilarious commentary on the matter of course.

photo (1)

And before this week’s news can get any cheerier, it should be noted that the actress who voiced Mrs Krabapple on the Simpsons died a few days ago and the long-running series ran a tribute for her on Sunday’s episode. Sometimes I felt like she was one of my own teachers *tear*.

This is a somewhat random news item but one that I found pretty interesting: U of T hotspot Gabby’s on Bloor was temporarily shut down due to an insect infestation. Safe to say you probably shouldn’t order anything unless it’s bottled. And even then…

Sorry for the Rob Ford overload, enjoy this week’s roundup!

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