Mid Week News

Google is now going to post responses on social media for you by collecting data on the kinds of interactions you have, because apparently today’s modern executive has no time to reply to all their Facebook messages or appropriately like those fun family pictures.

Rob Ford was on The O’Reilly Factor, and it was a pretty candid and hilarious interview. Oh, Fox News and their obsession with resurrecting right-wing politicians from their self-dug graves…

A Pizza Hut general manager was fired after refusing to force his employees to work on Thanksgiving. His letter of protest to the company came after it was decided that employees would in fact work the holiday after having it off previous years. Whole Foods employees are also protesting about working on Thanksgiving, calling into question whether or not people can really survive without public amenities for a day. Then again, people do get paid time & a half to work this day, and hours are shorter. Not sure how I feel about this situation.

The story about the waitress who wasn’t left a tip because of her sexuality may actually be false, according to the people whom the receipt belonged to. They say they never wrote hateful comments about her “lifestyle” or addressed her by a male name, and have their credit card statement to prove that they gave her a tip. The waitress–who also served in the Marines–has since collected thousands of dollars in donations from people online who felt bad for her homophobic experience. Hmm.


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